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Rosie Saxe

Fiber Artist

When yarn moves through my fingers I am reminded of the spin of the planet as we rotate around the sun, the moon as she rotates around the earth. I feel connected to the spiral of our DNA as I weave my stories and love into each piece. I create shapes, vessels and textures that evoke the feminine experience of holding space, childbearing and rearing, nesting and nurturing. I am a fiber hoarder and enjoy dyeing yarn and fabric to create my own palette, trying to incorporate my own colors in each piece. I rescue yarns and fabrics from old projects, second hand stores and weavers de-stashing. I have held on to some fibers for decades before finding the best and ultimate expression. I gravitated to coiling basketry because I can do it anywhere and with any material. While I am weaving I like to think about all the people, in all the villages, in so many cultures, that are coiling and weaving and making just like me. We are all connected.  I live in Briceland, a tiny hamlet in Southern Humboldt with my husband, teenage daughter, a dog and four cats. My husband and I own and operate a small family winery and work to raise our own vegetables and livestock. I grew up in Upstate New York and earned my BFA from Syracuse University in Fiber Arts.

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